I have a blog!

Run. Crave. Conquer.

Woohoo! It’s my first blog post! I was going to write about the monstrous blisters plaguing my feet right now, but then I decided that would be an awkward introduction—we’ll get to those next post…

Hi, I’m Leah! I eat an absurd amount of blue corn tortilla chips (and salsa on everything) and helicopter parent my dapper black cat, Bowie. Now that you know the essentials, you can check out my About page to see a really embarrassing photo of me in my awkward teenage years.

If you can’t tell from my blog’s title—or this rambling post—I’ve decided to start writing about running, cooking and living a generally healthy and happy lifestyle. I’m always moving and doing. Sitting still just doesn’t work for me (unless I’m coloring and drinking a glass of wine). I’ve been in a love affair with long distance running since I was 12, and because I’m knee-deep in training for the Chicago Marathon right now, I figured there was no better time to finally start that blog I’ve been talking about forever. So here it is! Welcome.

Though I’ll write about running a lot, this isn’t just a running blog. I plan to document my experiments in the kitchen, share fun experiences (that’s me in the pic at the top of this post, hiking at Devil’s Lake on my 26th birthday earlier this month) and brag about my extremely cool roommate who is doing a 24-hour bike race solo this weekend. Things might get weird, but I hope you’ll join me for the fun.


About LWynalek

Writer. Runner. Cat lover.

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