Crater Feet Are Cool

Crater Feet Are Cool
My feet are a hot mess right now. My left foot, three gigantic blisters recently picked and oozed, looks like a hideous landscape of tender, red craters. Is that too much information? Oh well, I’m sure anyone who runs regularly can relate to it. Don’t worry, I won’t share any pictures. You can look at this gif of some pizza in space instead:
Crater Feet Are Cool
When you start running, you don’t realize that it’ll change your feet forever, that when your sister gets married you’ll feel embarrassed to go get a pedicure with the rest of the bridesmaids because you pity the person who has to touch them. I can’t even remember what it’s like to have normal toenails on my second toes. I lost those to blood blisters in high school cross country and ever since they’ve been wonky, shedding every couple of months or so. When I tell people that I have to paint nail polish directly on my skin, they look at me like I’m crazy… and then laugh uncomfortably.
Crater Feet Are Cool
Here’s the truth: Running isn’t always pretty. When you go for a 15-mile run, there’s a good chance big, pus-filled blisters will form. But just as you toughen up with each training run, slowly building up miles, those blisters will callous over and stop hurting, too. And as ugly as they are, that’s a beautiful, powerful thing.
Crater Feet Are Cool

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