Training Runs & Corn Dogs

Training Runs & Corn Dogs // Run. Crave. Conquer.

This Sunday started with a 17-mile training run and ended at the Wisconsin State Fair. I wish I could say the run was as fun as the corn dog eating, but it had its runner’s highs and its “why do I do this?” lows.

Usually when I start a long run feeling a bit tired and rusty, that means I’ll finish strong. If I feel awesome during mile two, I genuinely fear what’s to come at mile 12. This week’s run started off mediocrely, and my mile splits got faster and faster after mile 12—I felt fabulous. Maybe I was getting too cocky and the running gods needed to punish me, because OH MAN! Those last two measly miles hurt so much. Thanks a lot, right IT band.

But through it all, I could almost smell the fried fair food. As I squeezed kiwi-strawberry Honey Stinger into my mouth, I dreamt of cream puffs and funnel cakes. I would be rewarded for this crazy calorie-burning endeavor… all I had to do was keep running.

Walking around a giant fairgrounds after a kinda painful run may not be the best idea, but it was so worth it. There was pig racing, my friends. I got to cheer on The Notorious P.I.G., Lindsay Loham and Taylor Not-So-Swift. Look at them go!

Training Runs & Corn Dogs // Run.Crave.Conquer. Oh, and the glorious jumbo corn dog! Forget marathon medals, this is what I want to eat at the finish line. See how happy I am? That’s real love.

Training Runs & Corn Dogs // Run.Crave.Conquer.

By the time I got home and sat down to watch Netflix, my left knee grew so sore that I was hobbling around my apartment like an old lady. Still, the flying swings, baby goats and dock-diving dogs made my day. Sometimes running hurts, sometimes you don’t win the giant Bulbasaur stuffed animal you desperately want, but you’ve gotta keep your eye on the prize.

Training Runs & Corn Dogs // Run.Crave.Conquer.


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