August Popsicle Party: Week 4 Finale!

August Popsicle Party: Week 4 // Run.Crave.Conquer.

September’s here, and the popsicle party must come to an end. (But I swear I made these this weekend when it was still August.) For my frozen finale, I made fruity, boozy treats. You heard that right, these ones from Tasting Table have vodka in them—and blackberries and pineapple and cilantro, too.

August Popsicle Party: Week 4 // Run.Crave.Conquer.To start, make the vodka-soaked blackberry mixture. Just boil and gently mash blackberries, sugar and water until syrupy, add a couple ounces of vodka, then cool the mixture over an ice bath.

Next comes the green smoothie part. Blend Greek yogurt, pineapple, banana, cilantro, lime juice, a pinch of salt and a bit more vodka—aw yeah! For exact measurements, see the original recipe.

Now just layer and swirl the two parts in your molds to make your ice pops all pretty. Or, if you’re like me, at least attempt to do so.

When your pops are all frozen—I know, that 4-hour wait is excruciating!—invite friends over to share the deliciousness and act a fool. Naturally, when I asked these two (below) to pose with my final creations, they decided to have a duel instead. Super cool, guys… almost as cool as my popsicles.

By the way, now that summer’s coming to an end, I’m moving on to a new food challenge: Bread of the Month. Because all I want to do in fall is bake anyway. Don’t you?

August Popsicle Party: Week 4 Finale!


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