Yoga for the Marathon Runner’s Sanity

Yoga for the Marathoner's Sanity // Run. Crave. Conquer.

I haven’t blogged about my yoga doing yet because I’ve been so all-consumed by marathon training, but I’m a member at a studio near my house and go once or twice a week right now. For as much as I’m paying, I don’t attend classes nearly enough, but I expect that’ll change after the big 26.2 in October.

You know what hurts? Going to a Monday yoga class after running 20 miles the day before. But ahhh—that sweet, sweet burn works all the kinks out of my muscles. Give me some hip-opening half pigeon poses and a steady stream of down dogs to stretch out my calves and I’m one happy runner. I swear, though, if the instructor makes us sit in chair pose one more time…

No matter how much I stretch, running winds my muscles up. I feel inferior when I can barely bend into a half split and the yogi next to me (wearing way cool patterned yoga pants) is folded in half no problem. RUDE. But I get over it because that hour of flowing, stretching and balancing feels so very necessary after five straight days of running. Forget mile splits and knee pain, it’s time for me to sit on my bum, roll around like a belly-up cockroach in happy baby pose and just say “namaste.”



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