I Spy: Fall Running Edition

I Spy: Fall Running Edition // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

On top of the perfect temperatures, fall is my favorite running season because I love admiring the flame-colored leaves and crazy Halloween displays—the more fake cobwebs and startling skeletons peering out the front window, the better. About every other house I passed on my run today had jack-o’-lanterns or Pinterest-perfect pumpkins on the porch, and they made me giddy. So as an ode to fall, I put together this little “I Spy” list—try to spot all 10 things on your next run!

1. A geeky pumpkin
Game of Thrones sigil, the TARDIS from Dr. Who, Yoda… you get my drift.

2. Kids playing in leaves
Because you’re jealous that it’s not appropriate for you to jump in leaf piles anymore.

3. A tree with red and yellow leaves
The prettiest fall leaf color combo, in my opinion.

4. A dog in a sweater
Even better if it’s a French bulldog or Boston terrier!

5. A pumpkin planter
It’ll probably have mums planted in it.

6. Jack Skellington
There’s a Nightmare Before Christmas fan in every neighborhood, right?

7. Halloween candy
You’ll have to wait until after the 31st for this one.

8. Cornstalks
On porches, around mailboxes, stuffed in a scarecrow, anywhere.

9. Someone in a football jersey
‘Tis the season for team spirit. Around here, I see Packers jerseys year-round.

10. A smashed pumpkin
Oh, the Halloween tragedy.

*Bonus: A turkey
I saw one strolling down my street just yesterday! (Yes, we have friendly wild turkeys here in Milwaukee.)

Now tell me: What would you add to your autumn “I Spy” list?


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3 Responses

  1. 1. Squirrel fight. Would this be a squirrel quarrel? A squarrel? (Alternate joke: Or is it squirrel love?)

    2. Someone doing yoga in an ostentatious place. Like, top of a truck. Or in a tree.

    3. Strange homemade vehicles. There’s one strange one-seater car I keep seeing that looks like a podracer without the front turbines.

    4. Slow bikers with whom I can race in order to assert man’s dominance over machine.

    5. In the summer, ice cream trucks. In the winter, apple cider stands.


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