The Bliss of Fall Baking

The Bliss of Fall Baking // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Baking is pure comfort. Not just the warm scones or melty chocolate chip cookies that you get at the end of the process, but the careful measuring and mixing before the batter rises. Some people say they prefer cooking because they hate following directions, but the precision of baking is exactly what I love about it. Follow a simple recipe, stick the mixture in the oven and just relax while you wait.

Last winter I went bread crazy, cranking out a loaf a week. I haven’t been home enough this fall to get to that point yet, but I’m on my way. This java chocolate chip bread (above) from Amy at She Wears Many Hats may have jumpstarted my cold-weather baking streak. I’ve been eating it with my morning coffee at work all week, and I have no regrets—carbs and chocolate all the way.

The only thing better than freshly baked bread is coming home to someone making dinner for you. Today my man/boyfriend person cooked for me for the first time… and he was adorably nervous about it. But his chicken-chorizo empanadas turned out mighty tasty to me!

The Comforts of Fall Baking // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

That’s all, folks—till my next carbo-loaded post, at least.

YOUR TURN: What’s the last thing you baked? Do you have a fave bread recipe?


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  1. the last thing i baked was almond butter chocolate chip cookies!! I’ve been much of a bread maker, but I really enjoyed eating challah when I first moved out to California and discovered Semi Freddi’s. 🙂


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