High Five Friday (the 13th)!

High Five Friday (the 13th)! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

High Five Friday (the 13th)! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blogEvery Friday, Angela at Happy Fit Mama spreads the good vibes with a roundup of five photos from her week, plus links to five positive things (articles, Instagram accounts, music videos, anything). Friday the 13th seems like the perfect day to join in and share some extra positivity—if you’re superstitious like that. I’m not, but it sounded like fun, so here I go…

Five Photos of the Week

  1. Sprawling red leaves
  2. Breakfast crepes for lunch with my work wife!
  3. Smiles after a chilly bike ride home
  4. Purple handlebar tape and fallen leaves
  5. Best cat on the planet

Five Links of the week

  1. The song Hummed Low by Odessa — Best listened to on a sunny autumn afternoon!

2. The new Harry Potter coloring book — My roommate and I have been coloring since before it was cool. There are so many books to choose from now, but this is the most magical one of all, and I must get my hands on it.

3. My friend’s random survey — Kaitlin loves asking random questions, and she put together a little survey to gather data on the ones she’s most curious about. It’s a pretty fun five minutes!

4. Another post picked up by Women’s Running — So happy to share my goofy lists with a wider network of runners! The struggles of running in the dark are all too relatable.

5. re:Craft and Relic — Holiday art fair season is here, and I’m ready to start finding handmade gifts for everyone on my list. This show, featuring upcycled, vintage and handmade everything, is coming to Milwaukee on Sunday. I’m excited to check it out!

YOUR TURN: What’s on your High Five Friday list?


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