The 10 Stages of Running in the Cold (Told in Emojis)

The 10 Stages of Running in the Cold (Told in Emojis) // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

The cold weather has finally arrived in Wisconsin. Last weekend I was bragging about 60-degree days, and this weekend we got slammed with our first snowstorm of the season. But even though I grumble about it, running in chilly temperatures isn’t so bad—once I’m outside. (Now running in heavy snow, that’s a discussion for another post.)

Before running on winter days, I always have the same battle with myself. First I make every excuse for why I should stay in, and then I eventually talk myself into braving the elements. In the end, I’m always happy I do. But first, join my inner dialogue as I outline the 10 very real stages of running in the cold…


run1. “I like running! I should go for a run!”

I’m always antsy on days I don’t run, and I think most regular runners feel the same. Running is a way of life, plain and simple.


distraught2. “But it’s freezing outside…”

It’s hard enough to walk to my car when it’s cold, let alone go for a run. And let’s not discuss single-digit or (*shudder*) below-zero temperatures.


couch3. “…and my couch is warm.”

My Hello Kitty fleece blanket is here. My cat is curled up here. Why would I ever leave this lap of luxury?


chocolate4. “ok, if I go I can reward myself with chocolate.”

I’ll be drinking hot chocolate regardless of running, but it’ll taste so much sweeter—and more well-deserved—after logging miles in frigid temps.


whatever5. “I’m Outside! This isn’t So bad!”

My bright running gear is actually pretty warm, and my legs are so happy! What was I even complaining about? This is great.


windy6. “Except for that wind.”

Oh right, that’s what I was complaining about. Wind-slapped cheeks and a pink frozen nose, every single time.


unicorn7. “I’m the only runner out here! I’m Special!”

There’s something very satisfying about not passing a single other runner. Or passing a very few and feeling a sense of solidarity.


lightening8. “And fast as lightening, so there.”

The cold can be a great motivator… the faster I run, the faster I’m done.


praise9. “I’m Home! Warmth!”



ramen10. “Time for ramen.”

Now that I have conquered the cold, I will conquer this giant bowl of salty, noodly deliciousness.


YOUR TURN: Which emojis best describe your feelings about cold-weather running?


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  1. 😱 when it’s ❄️🌬🌫 out… I generally feel 🤔🙄😟😨🆘… but I get myself outside and 📱🎶… 😬🚶🏻🏃🏻👍🏼😯😏☺️😊🤗💖… 🏠☕️🍗🛏😴💤💤💤


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