Christmastime (Running) in the City

Christmastime (Running) in the City // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

I’m still basking in the holiday glow from this evening’s run. Milwaukee twinkles up its downtown parks quite nicely for Christmas, and though I often drive past the sparkling trees and shining Santas on display, I never stop to appreciate them up close. So today I set out on my post-work jaunt specifically to see the lights in Cathedral Square Park. Aren’t they pretty?

As a girl from the suburbs, I still get excited whenever I see yuletide decorations nestled below a city skyline—even Milwaukee’s modest one. There’s something magical about how a whole city of people can wonder at them, rather than just neighbors admiring one impressively lit suburban block.

Christmastime Running in the City // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

City Christmas tree lots make me smile, too. When I watched When Harry Met Sally over and over in high school and then college, I always imagined myself one day hauling an evergreen from a nearby lot up to my crummy little apartment in New York City, just like Sally. (Dream big, right?) I had a real tree last year, but my new place forbids them—guess I’ll have to settle for running past tree lots instead!

YOUR TURN: What do you like best about running during the holidays?


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  1. Well it always snows where I live. I guess after awhile the best part is occasionally he snow lets up enough and the sun comes out. We always go for a run in the park when this happens —passing by all the children AMD their families sled riding and having snow fights. In some areas we can see Christmas lights and decorations. At the end of our park run we always store some sleds to take out and a bit of hot chocolate—moral of the story the snow never kills the season and the spirit grows even stronger while we run

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