Spring is Real!

Spring Is Real! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

I wasn’t sure if it was, considering the April snow showers here in Wisconsin, but when I saw the perfect weather in the forecast this weekend (upper 50s and 60s!), I knew a hike was in order. My manfriend and I headed to the Lapham Peak Unit of the Kettle Moraine Forest, just a short drive west of Milwaukee. It still had that brown, barren footprint of winter, but signs of life were there. See, proof…

Spring Is Real! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

We were like two giddy kids. It was warm enough to wear short sleeves! I ran down hills in my purple sneakers with airplane arms. And there were so many happy, panting dogs on the trail that I could barely keep from squealing. The sun spread over fields and twinkled through the trees, and I just basked in the spring glory.

Spring Is Real! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Isn’t it amazing how sunshine can completely change your attitude? Two weeks ago I was so glum, but today’s outing reminded me how necessary these warmer, brighter months are for our sanity. The proof was in the number of people at the park—running, picnicking, even playing bocce ball. Then there was me taking pictures of tree stumps.

Tree Stump at Lapham Peak

More and more, I realize that nature is the cure. Dealing with a stressful situation at work? Go walk in the park. Feeling lonely for no reason at all? Wander along the riverbank, seashore, whatever is near you. It’s so easy to get inside our own heads, to let the negative thoughts spiral, but if you’re like me, going outside will remind you what a beautiful, surprising place this world is. Cheesy, but true. (Now go explore!)

Spring Is Real! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

YOUR TURN: What was your latest outdoor adventure?


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