An Interval Run in the Rain

An Interval Run in the Rain // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

I completely forgot how challenging intervals can be. I can’t even remember the last time I did a true interval run (before today). My first two marathons were spaced out a couple of years, and my training was all about building mileage and establishing a strong base. But in preparation for my last-minute half marathon, I picked a 4-week crash training plan that includes short training runs with high-intensity intervals.

Today’s run, as you can see on my hand, was super simple. If you need help decoding, RPE stands for rating of perceived effort, where RPE 1 is easy-peasy and RPE 5 is rocket speed, a pace that can only be maintained for a few minutes max. RPE 3 is where I feel most comfortable, where I can push myself for long distances. Sprinting has just never been my thing. The only distance in high school track that truly suited me was the 2-mile, and who wants to run eight boring loops? Now 13.1… that suits me even better.

Back to today: Those one-minute RPE 5 sections were the only difficult part of this short run. And even though I wrote the darn workout on my hand, I accidentally took one-minute RPE 1 recovery periods between each of them instead of two-minute ones, so, you know, that probably didn’t make the fast going any easier. But I must say, there was something very satisfying about striding at full speed into the cold spring rain. It was a rush, and a reminder that giving it my all is all that really matters.

YOUR TURN: Do you include interval runs or repeats in your training? Any tips?


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