To New Adventures… in PA!

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

BIG news! After nearly five years in Milwaukee, I’m moving east to Pennsylvania for a new job. I’ll be associate digital editor for a health magazine based there, and I am unbelievably excited for the new challenge, fitting subject matter and gorgeous hiking spots nearby. Plus, I’ll be just a bus ride away from NYC, wee! So if you were wondering why I ghosted on this blog for a month, there you have it.

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Man, I am going to miss Milwaukee more than I anticipated. The eye-candy architecture, plentiful beer gardens, super cheesy comfort food, how bikeable it is… but mostly the close friends I’ve made here. People always make the place, and just as it was daunting to move to Wisconsin solo, it’s intimidating to start from scratch again somewhere else. I don’t want to think about saying goodbye to anyone quite yet.

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

I’ve been cramming in as much friend time as possible before I leave, as one does when she’s moving somewhere with no loved ones except her car-phobic cat. That June 30th move date is approaching far too quickly, and while I know there’s no way to hit up every spot I’ll miss, I have been up to some fun. Like attending a dog birthday party, compete with a baby pool ball pit…

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Sampling drinks at the city’s new cider bar, Lost Valley Cider Co... (I highly recommend Blake’s El Chavo Mango Habanero. It’s fruity with just the slightest after-kick.)

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Taking one last train ride into Chicago Union Station to say farewell to friends in the Windy City… and Stan’s Donuts. How I will miss you, Biscoff Banana Pocket.

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

And last but not least, living up every happy hour with my dear work wife. This week we talked over tentacles and bubbly at our go-to spot, Bosley on Brady.

To New Adventures // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Moving is bittersweet, but I’m ready for the challenge of a fresh start. Here goes nothing!

YOUR TURN: Have you ever moved somewhere on your own? What’s your favorite (or least favorite) part of starting over in a new place?


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  1. I feel your pain!!! I’m also leaving Milwaukee…while I’m not moving alone I am moving to another continent, which pretty scary/exciting. Best of luck in your new adventure!


  2. […] Tomorrow marks one full week of living the small-town life here in the Lehigh Valley. There are some total perks, like living a mile from work—not driving my car for days makes me one happy lady. And the trees, oh my gosh. I love running down Main Street (of course there is a Main Street) and looking into the distance at the densely layered forest on South Mountain. It’s a picture-perfect backdrop, that’s for sure. There’s even one craft brewery in town (below), which kind of, sort of, almost dulls the culture shock for this former Milwaukeean. […]


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