Guest Post! Chronicles of a Gym Newbie

Guest Post! Chronicles of a Gym Newbie // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

See that glorious human pictured above? That’s one of my closest and weirdest friends, Kaitlin, who I’ve been missing dearly since I moved from Milwaukee. You’ve probably already seen her face in a bunch of my posts, and that’s because she was basically my other half before I so rudely abandoned her. (Are our heads actually connected in the pic below? You decide.)


Anyway, Kaitlin just started a blog of her own called One Curious Fox. It’s a random collection of all of the things she’s discovered lately that she wants to share with the world. And because she’s curious, she always throws herself fully into research. So when she decided it was time to do some sort of physical activity, she not only joined a gym, but she got a personal trainer, too. Without further ado, here’s her guest post!

“This was the year I finally joined a gym. I’ve never been sporty, so it was hard to show up with a freshly minted membership card when I was 100% positive everyone around me could sense I came straight from n00b land.

I might have stuck to swimming laps if I hadn’t signed up for eight sessions with a personal trainer. Even though personal trainers seem like a thing for fancy people, rather than humans like me who can barely manage a push-up, they’re actually ideal for beginners. (Proof: I can even do push-ups now!)

I wasn’t exactly nervous about meeting my trainer, but I did have expectations: she would be peppy, have a tight ponytail, and be disappointed by how out of shape I am. My trainer ended up being none of those things. Instead, she was super chill and happy to answer all of my dumb questions, like “Am I going to fall over if I do a squat?” And she forgave me for nearly breaking an exit sign while lifting a weight over my head—these noodle arms are surprisingly long.

In our first session, we talked about my fitness goals and what my exercise past looked like. She also asked about health issues. I told her about my hip, which has bothered me for years, and in every session we had, she was always cognizant of it. She put together sets that would help strengthen muscles to reduce hip pain, and was always quick to tell me not to do something if it felt like it was hurting.

Gym Stuff

I’m not exaggerating when I say I really didn’t know how to do anything when I joined the gym. My trainer immediately remedied that. All of a sudden, I was using the row machine, doing squats/lunges/push-ups/Russian twists/bicep curls/etc., and hopping on all those crazy Smith machines. Now I can walk into the gym and immediately start working out without feeling like a total amateur. I also have enough know-how to put together a good little workout at home with nothing more than a sweet playlist and a pair of dumbbells.

Having a trainer also got me to, y’know, go to the friggin’ gym. It’s easy to break a workout date with yourself, but it’s harder when you know someone is waiting for you to show up. It also made the gym more fun. It was like being there with a friend… who I was paying… to watch me do push-ups.

If you’re new to gyms/fitness and can afford it, do yourself the favor of signing up for a few sessions with a trainer. Not only do you get a basic foundation, but you can start fostering good gym-going habits and the confidence to show up in the first place. Also, you get to feel hella bougie when you utter the phrase “my personal trainer” in front of your friends and associates, which is something we should all experience once in our lives.”

YOUR TURN: Go check out Kaitlin’s new blog, One Curious Fox


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