Faux Cookie Dough?!

Faux Cookie Dough Recipe // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Ah, the magic of chickpeas. Is there anything these little legumes can’t do? They’re perfect all roasty-toasty, super easy to sprinkle on salads, and I use them in my fair share of cookies, but while editing a story at work about dessert hummus, I knew I had to get in on that trend, too. And thanks to my fancy new food processor (thanks, Mom!), I could make my own in a matter of seconds.

I used a recipe for Healthy Eggless Cookie Dough from Jen at Yummy Healthy Easy. I can attest that her faux dough really is yummy, healthy and easy. All I had to do was dump a can of chickpeas—plus peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract—into the processor and let her whirl. Fold in some dark chocolate chips and voila! A sweet, addictive hummus that I can eat by the spoonful, just like cookie dough but without the threat of salmonella. You know, just a minor perk.

This guiltless dessert has a texture that mimics real cookie dough and really satisfies my sweet tooth. It’s probably still not OK to eat a mixing bowl full of it while watching TV, but I’m going to do that anyway, so don’t judge. Just try it for yourself.

YOUR TURN: What magical things have you made with chickpeas?


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