26 Things to Love about the Chicago Marathon // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

26.2 Wonderful Miles through Chicago

There’s a saying fans often write on their signs for race day: The first 20 miles are all training. The last 6.2 are all determination. Yesterday I was all determination at the Chicago Marathon, and it made all the difference.

Let the Countdown to the Chicago Marathon Begin! // Run. Crave. Conquer. blog

Let the countdown to the Chicago Marathon begin!

I approach most 15+ mile runs with a hint of dread and a whole lot of determination. Right now, that’s how I feel about the upcoming marathon. I’m slightly terrified of the pain to come, but mostly motivated to match or beat my first marathon finishing time.

The Madison Mini & Me

Yesterday I headed to Wisconsin’s capital city to run the Madison Mini-Marathon, AKA half marathon. It was time to put my training to the test. I was shooting for a PR, but my nemesis of a right leg decided that wasn’t going to happen…

Riverwest 24 Hour Bike Race

The Riverwest 24 and one fierce lady

My roommate rode her bike for 24 hours straight this weekend—well, minus a few stops for food, free shots of espresso and a flat-tire fix. And she wasn’t just cruising along, she was riding aggressively… for about 200 miles.